Your PREMIER Private Jet Provider

Pocket Jets is your go to private jet service provider when you want to go somewhere and get there fast! Forget the headache of airport parking, standing in line, checking baggage, waiting to board, unforseen flight delays, and tight, cramped seats. Whether it's for business, pleasure, or annual family vacation... Pocket Jets has you covered.


Pocket Jets is a premier luxury private jet service provider and concierge charter service based out of Scottsdale, AZ. Whether you want to hit southwest vacation spots or the winter ski slopes, Pocket Jets will lift your expectations sky high.

Are you or your company planning business trips? Pocket Jets can accommodate you too. We have flown clients from Yakutat, Alaska to Cabo San Lucas or from Los Angeles to Teterboro.

We want to give you a comfortable trip and an exceptional experience, while getting you where you want to go. We can arrange your ground transportation as well as accommodate most in flight stock and catering requests.

So wherever it is you want to travel Pocket Jets is luxury at high altitude.
  • Tell Us About Your Stock Needs and Catering.


While Pocket Jets is mainly a southwest regional private charter aircraft provider, we also have the ability to fly virtually anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Just contact us and tell us where and when you would like to travel and Ashley, our concierge specialist, will work up a timely quote and itinerary to get you on your way.



F.A.Q.s - Frequently Asked Questions


Consideration for pet travel may be given on a case by case basis with prior approval. Any cleaning fees required as a result of pet travel will be the responsibility of the passengers.


We have countless "stock" and catering options available and will do our best to accommodate any specific catering requests.


Safety is our number one priority. Our Captains always review and follow the weather prior to any flight. If the weather looks to be prohibitive we will look at the nearest alternate airports and present options to our passengers.


Typically it takes 15-20 minutes to load baggage, start engines, and taxi out to the runway. Passengers should plan to be to the aircraft at least 15 minutes ahead of stated departure time in order to meet the "wheels up" time.

Cabin Attendant Falcon

We do not require a cabin attendant, however, we do have the option of providing one at an additional cost. With large groups, groups with children, or trips with long legs a cabin attendant is generally a welcome resource.


In the event that a mechanical issue arises, we will do everything in our power to provide an equal or better substitute aircraft to complete a trip.